Bail scam

Borough of Shrewsbury , Shrewsbury Police

Shrewsbury Borough PD is alerting everyone of a Grandparent Bail Scam. The Grandparent Scam begins with an urgent phone call to an unsuspecting senior citizen. The caller may claim to be the victim’s grandchild, or claim to be a police officer. The message is always the same: “Your grandchild is hurt, in jail, or otherwise in trouble, and needs hundreds of dollars immediately. Please don’t tell mom. Please send the funds through a money order or other wire service.” Those who fall victim later learn their grandchild was never in trouble. Instead, their money has been wired to a thief and may never be seen again.

If you receive a phone call like this, please contact the Shrewsbury Borough Police Department at 732-741-2500.

visit: for more information.

Also, just a reminder to please lock all vehicles and remove all valuables and key fobs.

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